Geneva Motor Show 2014: 3x as many clients for Egylis

Paris, March 2014 - For the International Geneva Motor Show 2013, Egylis supported key manufacturers to increase sales and generate more traffic in their points of sale.

The Geneva Motor Show is internationally known and is a unique opportunity for the largest brands to capitalize on the large number of visitors. The generated data can also be used by the car dealer network in order to have all key & pertinent data to contact visitors after their visit of the show.

The EGYLIS Move-On Platform offers services allowing them to better analyze and measure in real-time what's happening in their booth, so that the event goes well. Collected data can immediately be sent toward the CRM software & car dealer network with relevant information concerning the visitor. In order to be able to do that, each salesperson has a mobile terminal, such as an Ipad device with a car configurator adapted to the company's products.

Tanguy de Pommereau, Egylis Business Development Director says: "our accumulated experience with all our clients has brought us to constantly develop new services on our Platform for the last 4 years. These services are more and more relevant for our customers and in particular for the automotive industry and its distribution model through a car dealer network. We are very happy to see that this year more customers have used our solutions to better manage their visitor & consumer relationships and maximize their investments in the show."

About Egylis

Egylis is a software vendor of the next generation Value Added Mobiles Services for enterprises in many different industries. Its Move-On platform allows the creation, the personalization and the roll-out of new mobiles services to teams who need to have quick access to critical information in real-time. The On-Demand platform offers ready to use services, reporting & communication tools, which can be personalized to suit each company's needs in a short amount of time.

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Published the 13/2/2014 11h57
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